2018.04.17 – Petite photo de Woohyun avec Jackie Cycle [INSTAGRAM]

ㆍ ㆍ ✔재키사이클 월드쇼팀 아폴로 ᆞ JACKIECYCLE WORLD SHOW TEAM APOLLO . #INFINITE × APOLLO ㆍ 인피니트 우현 집에서 재키바이크 블랙에디션과 함께 « 재키 » 하기! 앞으로 뮤지컬 등 활동 응원할게요! 우현 파이팅! ! @nwh91 #인피니트 #우현 #남우현 #woohyun #namwoohyun . . . . ________________________________________________ Hello, We are Jackie Cycle World Show Team Apollo from Korea. The world’s first Indoor Cycle Dance, named ‘Jackie Cycle’, is being invited to Europe, USA and Asia, and enjoys and communicates with people around the world through Indoor Cycle Gymnastic performances and workshops. We are waiting for time to be with you soon. If you would like to contact us for a performance / workshop, please give us a DM We will repay you with unforgettable experiences and spectacular performances. _____________________Contact___________________ 🔷재키인도어사이클체조학교 Jackie Indoor Cycle Gymnastic School_JIGS ☎1666-7187 ☎+82-32-668-9688 <KOR> ᆞ 🔷재키사이클®클럽 Jackie Cycle Club<전국ㆍ해외 80개점> ☎1666-9688 ᆞ 🔷제이피스아이엔씨 <영상ㆍ작품ㆍ컨텐츠ᆞ상표권ㆍ쇼핑몰> Jackie fitness system.inc ☎+82-32-668-9688 ᆞ 🔷(주)재키스포츠컴퍼니<재키바이크ᆞ장비> Jackie sports company ☎1666-4184 ☎+82-70-7764-4184 ㆍ 🔷월드 쇼팀 아폴로<공연ㆍ행사ㆍ워크샵> Jackiecycle world show team-APOLLO ㆍ 🔷사단법인 세계인도사이클체조연맹 World Indoorcycle gymnastic ferderation-WIGF ㆍ 🔷부천시 인도어사이클체조협회 Bucheon city Indoorcycle gymnastic ferderation-BIGF ㆍ ㆍ 🔷재키사이클 페스티벌 조직위원회 Jackiecycle festival Organizing Committee ㆍ 🔷재키성 월드프로챔피언쉽 조직위원회 Jackie seong’s Indoorcycle gymnastic World Pro Championship Organizing Committee _______________________SNS_____________________ Founder Official 재키성 : @jackie_seong_founder_official JackieCycle Official 재키사이클 : @jackiecycle_official JIGS Official 재키인도어사이클체조학교:@jackie_school WIGF Official 세계인도어사이클체조연맹 : @wigf1999_official World showteam APOLLO 아폴로 : @jackie_apollo_official JackieCycle Club 재키사이클 클럽 : @jackie_club_official JackieCycle festival 페스티벌 : @jackie_festival_official Jackie shop 재키샵:@jackie_shop_official ________________________________________________ #아이돌 #kpop #포텐에이드 #브이쿨 #원조스피닝 #재키아폴로 #재키스피닝 #재키사이클 #재키샵 #재키tv #스피닝 #스피닝공연 #스피닝대회 #헬스타그램 #운스타그램 #몸스타그램 #다이어트 #인도어사이클체조 #jackiecycle #jackiespinning #spinning #fitness #gym

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