To celebrate the passage of the INFINITE EFFECT world tour in France,  French Invasion and Infinite-France are joining their forces again in order to organize projects for the concert. To realize those projects we need the help of the inspirit family so we are starting to raise donations because nothing can be done without your support and participation!

You can now send your donation, every amount will be welcomed :

– By Paypalcontact@infinite-france.com

Please choose the option « send money to a friend or family » and pay the fees if there is any.


In order to help each other and share information we created some Facebook pages so don’t hesitate to join us even if you don’t speak French ! We will try to help you as much as we can in English ^^




Here are the different parts of our project for the concert! We hope that many of you will participate !


→ Goodies Pack (17€)

1 custom tote bagSac



1 custom LightstickLT



1 custom Towel

FRONTTowel Avant


On the back of the towel will be written : « We really missed you »
Towel Arrière


2 customs Bracelets
Bracelet Noir1

Bracelet Blanc

There will also be a booklet with lyrics, fanchants and more and some suprises awaiting in your bag ^^


IMPORTANT : As you all know this time we have a very short amount of time to prepare all of our projects… As a matter of fact, we can not guarantee that all the goodies will be ready in time for the concert. However, we are committed to do our best and as for now everything is running smoothly and all the goodies are suppose to arrive before the concert. The goodies pack will be given out on the 3rd of october at our fanmeet  or on the day of the concert in front of the venue (you will receive more information by mail when we get all the details ready but if you have any question send us a mail : frenchinspiritunion@gmail.com).

The quantity is limited ! we will only be selling 250 packs !
Sold Out !
You will need to pay before the 2015/09/20

→ To place an order, please, complete this form and then make your payement by paypal at contact@infinite-france.com



  Fanmeet : For those who can be in paris on the 3rd of october we will be meeting so that we can talk about the projects, sing, give out the goodies packs and a lot more. The place and time will be announced soon. Please if you think you can be present for the fanmeet send us a mail at frenchinspiritunion@gmail.com




∞ SETLIST (as for the Seoul concert)

For lyrics or fanchants (If there has) >> HERE



→ Food support for fans 
We will be giving out hot beverages, water, juices and food for free to the fans in front of the venue on the day of the concert.

→ Gold ocean

→ Fanchants

→ We will Sing Entrust with the boys (juste like we sang In the summer 2 years ago ^^ see it here)

→ Encore Chant « Dashi dorawa, dorawa dorawa »

→ Raising the hand banners « 675일 기다렸어요 » (We have waited for you for 675days) as soon as we hear the song : Together (The banners will be given out on the fanmeet day and in front of the venue on the day of the concert)

→ We will be sending/throwing paper planes toward the stage at the begining of the song : Love Letter
Instructions and patterns will be given out on in front of the venue on the 7th of october.

Inspirit , let’s be united so that they keep a wonderful memory of their 2nd concert in France and so that we can give our boys something great that will make them proud of their Inspirit !


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