[PROJECT] 2013.09.26 – One Great Step in Paris : Concert Projects ! – International Version

On the occasion of the One Great Step world tour’s stop in France, French Invasion and Infinite-France are teaming up to organize projects for the concert. To make those projects come true we are raising donations because without your support and participation nothing can be done !

You can now send in your donations by Paypal : amelie.lita@infinite-france.com (every donation will be welcomed)

We will now reveal the different points of those projects. We hope that you will appreciate it and that you will participate !


Goodies pack (1 gold LIGHTSTICK + 1 towel + 1 One Great Step in Paris silicone wristband + 2 gold balloon)
The orders for Goodies pack are closed.

→ Fan meeting


 – The day before the concert : Saturday 30th November
Time : 3:00 pm ~ 4:00 pm
Venue : In front of Olympia Hall

Thank you to bring an ID or any document proving your identity!

/!\ Attention : that this pick-up can possibly be cancelled or the meeting time modified because of the arrival of INFINITE in Paris. You will be kept informed in this case. You can ask one of your friends or relatives to get your pack but it will require to send us an email at frenchinspiritunion@gmail.com with his name and surname as well as yours and the number of ordered pack.


Time : From 10:00 am to 11:00 am & From 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Venue : In front of Olympia Hall

Thank you to bring an ID or any document proving your identity, we spend in the queue to give you your pack and verify your identity!

/!\ Attention : no pack will be delivered by hand after 5:00 pm for security reasons from Olympia and organization for us!

Setlist Concert

Food support for fans
Hot drinks, food and water will be distributed before the concert

Gold ocean throughout the whole concert

Fanchants (For those coming to the fan meetings we will train together but it is also up to you to learn in advance)

Singing along « In The Summer » (You can learn it HERE.)

Thanks to Infinite video by fans (we will give you more information as soon as possible)

Recall Chant
At the end of the concert we will chant « Dashi dorawa, dorawa dorawa » so that they come back for a last song.

Surprise fan signs : « Thank you 감사 합니다 » (http://i.imgur.com/DKnPIVJ.png) during the song « With … «  we will held up a sign (the signs will be given out at the meeting and on the day of the concert)

Inspirit let’s join our hearts and be one so that our boys can keep a wonderful memory of their concert in Paris

Project in French : HERE

French Invasion and Infinite France have joined the list of international fanbases taking part of the global project .

  • What is this project ?

This huge project aimed to thank the group for their first world tour in a video that will include thanks from fans in all the world. Both organizers fanbases CHING-GYU and Arab7inspirit  will make the final video who’s planed to be broadcast during the last concert of the tour in Dubai.

  • What should we do ?

Nothing because the project is about filming the fans while waiting OUTSIDE the venue of the concert to thank INFINITE and showing them our support, since concerts are great and we all enjoy them, and that’s why,  I always look for metal concerts near me since I like all types of music.
Infinite France and French Invasion are responsible in representing the French INSPIRIT, so we will come to you and will take care to shooting the video while waiting for the concert in FRANCE.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us ! =)

French Inspirit union : French Invasion and Infinite-France .

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